Kopyto Challenges Kangaroo Appeal Panel

October 9, 2015

When Kopyto shows up on Tuesday October 27th at 2:30 p.m. at the new digs of the Law Society Tribunal to argue his appeal, he will start with a bang. He will present a motion that strikes a dagger at the heart of the Law Society’s twisted and biased procedure in dealing with his appeal. He will be asking all five members of the Appeals Panel appointed by Law Society Tribunal Chair, Richard Wright, to resign. This is because the process by which they were appointed is controlled by the Benchers, the ruling body of the Law Society who are elected by lawyers who charged him in the first place. Read the rest of this entry »

Round 2 is nigh – Kopyto sets October 27, 2015 as his appeal date

September 18, 2015

The Law Society has set a date for Harry Kopyto’s appeal of the decision of the Blight Panel made February 3, 2015 finding that he did not have good character to be grandparented as a paralegal. The appeal has been scheduled to be heard at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday October 27, 2015 before a Panel of five lawyers.

The appeal hearing will be held at the Law Society Tribunal’s new office—suite 402, 375 University Avenue in downtown Toronto.

The high cost of justice puts it out of reach for many

September 16, 2015

The Harry Kopyto Defence Committee wishes to circulate the following article, The high cost of justice puts it out of reach for many, by Julias H. Grey, a Montreal lawyer well known for his advocacy of human rights and civil liberties. This article provides a concise outline of the transformation of Canada’s judicial system into an institution that denies the vast majority of Canadians access to justice while becoming an increasingly exclusive domain for the wealthy elites. Read the rest of this entry »

Kopyto Fights Back

June 29, 2015

So what is Harry up to? Has he given up? Is he a done deal? Is Harry Kopyto gone, gone, gone? That may be wishful thinking from the Law Society spinmeisters. But if that is what they are thinking, they know diddly-squat about Harry.

Read the rest of this entry »

Why Harry Kopyto won’t quit – insights from the Toronto Star

April 20, 2015

Dear readers,

This past Sunday’s Toronto Star (April 19th, 2015) featured an insightful article about Harry, placing his legal career in both an historic and current context. We welcome this increased attention on the struggle to secure affordable justice in this province and across the country and invite you to click below to read more.

(Please note: the online version has additional material that was not included in the paper version, which can be found on page four (4) of the front section).

Thank you again for all your support,

Harry Kopyto Defence Committee


Why Harry Kopyto won’t quit
To his disenfranchised clients, disbarred lawyer Harry Kopyto is a hero figure, willing to take on their cases and fight for what’s right, often for little or no pay. To his critics, he’s publicity-seeking, self-righteous and erratic. Now in his sunset years, he’s still fighting to set the record straight. Read the rest of this entry »

The Struggle Continues

February 24, 2015

Harry Kopyto is seething with angry determination. He now escalates his struggle for affordable justice to the next stage. That means asking a five member Appeal Panel of the Law Society to overturn the outrageous decision of the Hearing Panel made by Chair Margot Blight on February 3, 2015 declaring him to be “ungovernable”.

The foundation for the decision to remove Harry’s paralegal status was the unauthorized legal access Harry gave clients who couldn’t afford lawyers in the high courts. That was the central reason given by Blight and her two spear carriers for dissing him in a decision that interred his career as a legal advocate in a zinc coffin after 41 years of trying to make the justice system live up to its pretensions.

The decision came down six months and 23 days after Kopyto blasted the Law Society on July 9th and 10th last year in his final hurrah. He accused the Law Society—a well-connected nub of power and politics—of creating a price-fixing monopoly with its takeover of more affordable paralegals while drastically reducing or eliminating their scope of practice in areas where they competed with lawyers such as family law, real estate, wills, criminal law and negligence cases. It took four years for the charade of injustice by the Hearing Panel to wind its way through about 100 hearing days before the show finally went dark. Add another two years for hearings before two prior hearing panels who imploded under Kopyto’s hammer blows including one where the Panel chair admitted a perception of bias.

Pyrrhic Victory For the Haute Monde

The negative decision was a Pyrrhic victory for the Law Society’s haute monde. Shock and awe, it wasn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Kopyto vows to fight ‘until my last gasp’

February 9, 2015

Dear supporters,

Pending our own analysis, which is forthcoming, we thought you would be interested in some of the initial coverage on the unsurprising Law Society decision denying Harry Kopyto a paralegal licence:


In solidarity,

Harry Kopyto Defence Committee


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