Interesting background blog from 2007 on Access to Justice Act

Came across this interesting piece from 2007 from blogger browneassociates regarding some of the historical dynamics behind the paralegal takeover.


In Ontario, there are about 2,000 of us that practice as Independent Paralegals. In Ontario, Independent Paralegals, who are not Lawyers, but provide services in a number of less complex legal areas, are permitted to practice independently.

Over the past thirty or more years, such Independent Paralegals provided services directly to the public in the following areas: small claims court, worker’s compensation, no-fault accident benefits, immigration, uncontested divorce, simple incorporations, basic wills/powers of attorney, traffic tickets, minor criminal charges, among many others. However, over recent years, a number of Lawyers – primarily those in small or solo practices – began to complain about Independent Paralegals taking over certain aspects of their businesses and offering it to the public for cheaper. Instead of telling the public the truth about their motives (money), these particular Lawyers argued that Independent Paralegals are not regulated, not insured, not educated and therefore, not accountable to anybody.


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