Law Society sets new dates for showdown with Kopyto – June 23 & 24 @ Osgoode Hall (Museum Room), 9.30am

The Law Society has scheduled Wednesday June 23rd and Thursday June 24th for the continuation of its hearings into Harry Kopyto’s application to be grandfathered as a paralegal. The hearings will take place at Osgoode Hall, Museum Room starting at 9:30 a.m.

The Law Society seems bent on shutting Kopyto down, scheduling two full days to try and slam the final nails in the coffin. Come out and show your solidarity and support for Harry’s efforts to continue fighting for all our rights.

For in-depth analysis on the Law Society’s takeover of the paralegal profession, visit the Harry Kopyto Defence Committee website at and check out the most recent article, “Why the Law Society Should Not Be Regulating Paralegals”. You’ll also find more details on Harry’s case and his history challenging the Law Society.

Spread the word and hope to see you there!

Harry Kopyto Defence Committee


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