Law Society v. Kopyto — the gloves come off Mon March 28 & Wed March 30

At 9:30 a.m. on Monday March 28th, it is expected that the three-person Panel judging Harry Kopyto’s character will hear arguments on his request for disclosure involving the hostile takeover of paralegals by their lawyer competitors. Harry is leading the charge to invalidate the takeover, which is subject to review by the Ontario government next year.  The Law Society has refused earlier requests for disclosure that would show that the takeover stifled access to justice by eliminating affordable competitors.

And again on Wednesday March 30th, Kopyto is back before the Law Society’s firing squad. Harry’s professional life is at stake.

The third Panel to oversee Harry’s good character hearing is aware of the stakes involved in his demand for disclosure.  Harry’s success in getting the disclosure he needs to overturn the law is far from assured.  The Panel has declared its intent to treat him fairly.  However, they have already denied him the right to make reply on one occasion and inexplicably prevented a former associate of his from making representations on his own behalf in her area of expertise.

Whether Harry is treated fairly or not ultimately depends on the counterbalancing effect of those who come to provide public oversight to the hearings.  The mobilized presence of Kopyto’s supporters—rather than blind trust in the Panel—is what is needed in order to ensure that the process of trying Harry becomes clear, transparent and fair.  That is why your presence at the hearing as a witness remains critical. The venue is the Museum Room at Osgoode Hall, Queen and University Avenue in downtown Toronto.


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