Mobilize for Kopyto’s Court Appearance Next Tuesday October 11, 2011

Harry Kopyto’s fate as a legal advocate may be decided by three Judges of the Divisional Court in courtroom 3, Osgoode Hall in Toronto next Tuesday, October 11th at 10:00 a.m.  This is the single most important hearing in his two year plus struggle to stop Big Law from crushing his professional bones.  All those who have watched him battle three lawyer-appointed panels since 2009 are asked to flood the court benches to show the Judges that Harry does not stand alone.

If he wins, Big Law’s takeover of paralegals will be put on trial for denying public access to affordable legal services, a constitutional right.  If he loses, the Law Society will start calling witnesses two days later on Thursday October 13th at 9:30 a.m. at Osgoode Hall’s Museum Room to besmirch his character.

The stakes are high.  The Panel judging Harry’s character, headed by Margot Blight, cowardly ducked Harry’s demand to be judged by a Panel independent of lawyers whose financial interests clash with the public interest and constitutional right to affordable justice.  Blight’s rationale?  Harry’s challenge was too complicated for the Panel to deal with.  Who then will decide the issue?

No one wants to admit that the emperor is naked.  But, at least, Harry should have the right to argue his point. That is all he will ask of the three Judges on Tuesday.  Will he get the right to challenge the takeover law?  Will he be given the right to be judged by a publicly-appointed Panel instead of the backroom boys who are already greasing the noose?

So far, the game has been fixed. Big Law plays with loaded dice. It makes its own rules. If Harry loses his court application on Tuesday, his professional days will be numbered.  However, the courts may decide that forcing the Law Society to give Harry a fair hearing will not bring down the sky.  After all, they have their own image to burnish.

Harry has never needed visible support more than now! Witness the hearing. Help ensure justice is done. Join us next Tuesday. Harry needs us more then ever.

Harry Kopyto Defence Committee


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