The Kopyto-Law Society saga continues – Tuesday June 19 @ Osgoodle hall

Kopyto is back before the Law Society on Tuesday June 19th at the Osgoode Hall Museum Room at 9:30 a.m.  Kevin Gauthier, a former client of Harry’s who testified at a prior hearing before the Law Society, accused Harry of forgery, criminal conduct, conspiracy and God knows what else.  He is the Law Society’s “star” witness.  The Law Society has described him as “intelligent and articulate”.  Is he right?  Is Harry Kopyto a criminal?  On June 19th, Harry will cross-examine his accuser, who he believes is a victim of injustice who is being used by the Law Society to attack him, the main person who has tried to help him, unfortunately, unsuccessfully.

Gauthier was fired as an airline pilot for raising safety issues. His unjust termination has resulted in debilitating stress and anxiety.  He is a whistle blower and a victim of powerful forces that refuse to listen to his concerns about unsafe conditions in airline procedures.

People under stress often lash out at whoever is proximate and visible to them. The Law Society has manipulated Gauthier to act as a witness against Harry.  His confusion is understandable.  But the Law Society’s exploitation of Kevin Gauthier is repulsive.

Harry is asking his supporters to be present on Tuesday June 19th at the hearing not only to support him but also to support Kevin Gauthier who has been a victim of unjust attacks by the judiciary as well as indifference to his abuse by the Law Society which has done nothing to help him.

Be there on Tuesday to defend Harry from being targeted by the Law Society as well as to support Kevin Gauthier in his fight for justice.

The drama will unfold next Tuesday.  Your presence will ensure that the Law Society does not get away with its manipulation of a victim of an unfeeling legal system that it slavishly and uncritically serves.


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