This Thursday – June 28th – LSUC v Kopyto: Law Society Calls Surprise Witness to Save its Disastrous Prosecution

Harry Kopyto is back before the Law Society at the Museum Room, Osgoode Hall in downtown Toronto at Queen and University Ave. this Thursday June 28, 2012. The hearing will be starting an hour later than usual, at 10:30 a.m.

The Law Society has advised Harry that Joseph Markin, a lawyer that he referred many of his cases to over the last 23 years, will be subpoenaed to testify. There is an order forbidding Mr. Markin from “associating” with Harry made by the LSUC. The Law Society in calling Joseph Markin as a witness, to testify against Harry in a desperate effort to re-engineer a good character hearing frame-up that has gone bad. They are now following the lead given to them by the Chair of Harry’s good character proceeding, Margot Blight, who is trying to establish that Harry has violated an order made several years ago prohibiting Joseph Markin from associating with Harry Kopyto.

Blight is a hit woman, a well-groomed acolyte of the LSUC who personally volunteered to do its dirty work, undoubtedly an assignment that will not hurt her in any future prospects for a judgeship. Whatever issues may arise out of Harry and Joe Markin’s effort to help these clients for highly reduced legal fees, is totally out of her scope of any valid interest. But Blight and her panel is completely, unreservedly and totally oblivious to the fact that Harry’s clients would have no representation at all in their cases because of the high costs of justice, if they did not help them. Her vision is extremely narrow. The reality of unaffordable justice which affects 99% of the population is not on her radar. She bizarrely ignores the fact that most Canadians cannot afford lawyers’ fees.

The issue in Harry’s case is access to justice. Joseph Markin has represented dozens if not hundreds of clients of Harry’s over the last 23 years who would otherwise not have had their day in court. Many have been successful. Without both Joe’s and Harry’s assistance, they would never have had access to justice. Not everybody can afford $300 an hour for lawyer’s fees. Access to justice is at stake. Be there this Thursday at 10:30 a.m., Osgoode Hall, Museum Room. Support Harry and Joe.


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