Will Blight Block Kopyto From Testifying Further? — Find out Monday Jan 7th

Those who represent Power do not like to be told the Truth. So what will they do?  The answer will be given by the Law Society’s (LSUC) Hearing Panel next Monday, January 7, 2013, Museum Room, Osgoode Hall, downtown Toronto at 9:30 a.m.

Kopyto has been thorough in defending his character from professional assassination. But heavy hitter Panel Chair Margot Blight, brought in from Bay Street by Big Law, celebrated for her strategic skills, is tired. Kopyto has kept the meter running for almost 50 days before this Panel which will decide if his morals are good enough to allow him to continue to tread professionally on legal terrain as he has since 1974.

Kopyto has been thorough (“Yes, Mr. Kopyto, we have seen your baby pictures,” Blight says sardonically). The Panel has admitted its impatience. The Panel is united in wanting to focus on only recent evidence.  But Kopyto’s story started a long time ago. And the further back you look, you see a pattern emerging.  A pattern that shows both Harry’s moral reserves in fighting a class-based judicial system as well as a pattern of harassment by Big Law that the Law Society represents.

Blight likely thinks that she has cut Kopyto enough slack to justify a time limit for his personal testimony in his own defence.  One hundred exhibits. Eight days on the stand. Time to draw the curtains!

Yet much remains to be said by Harry in his defence. The principles of fairness and the categories of evidence that Harry wishes to present are set out in a written submission filed with the Panel last month.  These submissions outline in point form the case that Harry is insisting on completing and the reasons why he should be allowed to complete his evidence.

Although couched in legalistic language, Harry’s submissions expose the truths that Power seeks to mask.  A copy of his brief can viewed by clicking here

Your presence at the hearing will help to ensure that the Hearing Panel will not run roughshod over Harry’s rights.  Please be there.


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  1. […] Reminder:  This coming Monday (January 7th 2013) is Harry’s next appearance before the Law Society’s Hearing Panel. Join us at 9:30 a.m in the Museum Room at Osgoode Hall (in downtown Toronto). More details here. […]

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