Harry Kopyto Back Before Law Society Thursday February 13th @ 9:30 AM

Harry Kopyto’s Law Society hearings are continuing tomorrow Thursday February 13th and Tuesday February 18th (hearings have also been scheduled for Tuesday March 4th and Wednesday March 5th).  Harry’s clients will be appearing on these days as witnesses to testify about their cases and Harry’s role in helping them fight for justice.

The three-person Panel judging Harry’s character has yet to provide reasons why its Chair, Margot Blight, refused to recuse herself even though she placed herself in a conflict by acting professionally against one of his witnesses, Mike Giftopoulos.  It is now four months since she was formally challenged to withdraw and almost six months since Harry first raised the conflict.

Last November, Ms. Blight announced that the reasons were “half-finished”. When Kopyto raised the lengthy delay during his hearing on February 10th, Ms. Blight apologized profusely but pooh-poohed his request that she render her decision before Mr. Giftopolous testifies so that at least his client’s anxiety of having his evidence weighed by a judge who opposed his Human Rights Complaint would be lessened by a decision that would explain Ms. Blight’s decision to remain on the panel. It is clear that Ms. Blight is out for blood.

With the Panel’s neutrality in tatters and all the witnesses hammering home Harry’s sterling efforts to help them, often for little or no financial charge, your presence and support at these upcoming hearings is more important then ever.

The hearings continue at Osgoode Hall which can best be accessed through the Law Society’s entrance off City Hall Square on the east side of the building in downtown Toronto. They start at 9:30 a.m.  Show your solidarity and support. Be there.


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