Why Harry Kopyto won’t quit – insights from the Toronto Star

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This past Sunday’s Toronto Star (April 19th, 2015) featured an insightful article about Harry, placing his legal career in both an historic and current context. We welcome this increased attention on the struggle to secure affordable justice in this province and across the country and invite you to click below to read more.

(Please note: the online version has additional material that was not included in the paper version, which can be found on page four (4) of the front section).

Thank you again for all your support,

Harry Kopyto Defence Committee


Why Harry Kopyto won’t quit
To his disenfranchised clients, disbarred lawyer Harry Kopyto is a hero figure, willing to take on their cases and fight for what’s right, often for little or no pay. To his critics, he’s publicity-seeking, self-righteous and erratic. Now in his sunset years, he’s still fighting to set the record straight.



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