The high cost of justice puts it out of reach for many

The Harry Kopyto Defence Committee wishes to circulate the following article, The high cost of justice puts it out of reach for many, by Julias H. Grey, a Montreal lawyer well known for his advocacy of human rights and civil liberties. This article provides a concise outline of the transformation of Canada’s judicial system into an institution that denies the vast majority of Canadians access to justice while becoming an increasingly exclusive domain for the wealthy elites.

Grey places his arguments within the context of growing economic inequality over the last fifteen years. He calls for a renewal of the legal system by reducing procedural and other blocks to access to justice which benefit persons with a vested interest in the legal industry. His call to arms takes on urgent significance in light of increasing threats to arbitrary government decisions that become instruments of oppression at a time when the law now permits secret trials and court-sanctioned illegal acts under Bill C-51.

These views accord with the themes of Harry Kopyto’s defence of his character before the Blight Panel of the Law Society whose decision refusing him the right to continue to practice as a paralegal will be the subject of an appeal before the Law Society on October 27, 2015 (more on this soon).

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